Get Home Every Night. 
No Slow Days!

Transport, and Aggregate (ATCO Hauling) are two small business in Hampton Roads, Wilson, and Richmond.  They are owned by Jackie Menefee and have been providing various hauling services in the design-build construction industry since 1995.  ATCO hires the best drivers that already have commercial driving experience of at least two years.  
Drivers that come to work for ATCO are not hired to simply fill a  seat.  At ATCO when we make a hire it is a commitment to each individual to help them find success in multiple parts of their life as well as on the job.  A driver will start the success by working individually and in groups towards various skills and safety goals.  When working either one on one or in a group event like a truck Rodeo or Driver Skills Course ATCO is growing its employees in the job and helping them reach the highest standards in the industry for both Class A and Class B.  By reaching those high standards it makes the job about enjoying the work and the people while improving.   Most importantly though it gets the driver home safe and with an excellent income to enjoy life when with the family.